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Foundation? check, Roof? check, Meth Levels? uh-oh!

Recently a family from Klamath Falls made national news when they discovered the house they purchased was a former meth lab.


The problems began rather quickly for the family as their health deteriorated and the couldn't figure out why.  Finally a neighbor disclosed the ugly truth – their new little fixer-upper was a former meth lab!


They purchased a testing kit, and found levels of methamphetamine at 80 times the legal limit.


Shouldn't the seller disclose the former meth lab?

Of course! If the sellers knew what had happened…


Like many first time homebuyers these last few years, this family decided to save some money and purchase a foreclosed home.  In Oregon, the homeowner has to disclose if a home was used in the production of meth, but only if that was verified by the Oregon Health Authority.  If law enforcement was never called in, the sellers are dishonest or the lending institution wasn't aware of the homes past, it can easily turn into a nightmare. 


Change in Legislation?


The owners of this house are trying to change legislationg forbidding the sale of meth houses by banks or lending firms in Oregon. 


I'm not a big fan of this idea, mainly because I am afraid of people relying on Banks, lending firms or the government to protect them.  There are ways to protect yourself, always get a licensed inspection and test, test, test!  Do your due dilligence and make sure you are protected for what is the single biggest investment of people's lives. 


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Posted on October 2, 2012 at 11:51 pm
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